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Beyond Candidacy: What It’s Like to Be a New Pastor

It’s the moment for which almost every candidate for rostered ministry in the ELCA can hardly wait – the moment when you’re ordained or consecrated when you have seminary and candidacy behind you, and when you can at last actually serve as a pastor or deacon! But what is it actually like to be a new pastor or deacon? Has seminary really prepared you? Was the Candidacy Committee’s assessment of your strengths and growth areas really accurate? What surprises are in store for you?

This year’s Vocations Conference will feature presentations from three newer pastors, who will share what it’s been like for them to move beyond candidacy and into ordained ministry. Pr. Tim Crummitt serves a suburban congregation in Hampton, VA. Pr. Anna Havron serves a two-congregation parish near Woodstock, VA. And Pr. Drew Tucker serves a congregation and a campus in Radford, VA. They will tell us what their experiences of being a newer pastor have been like.

The Vocations Conference is sponsored by the VA Synod Candidacy Committee and is a great event for those in seminary AND for those considering seminary in order to prepare for ELCA rostered ministry. This year’s Vocations Conference will be held on August 18-19, at the Eagle Eyrie Conference Center near Lynchburg.

CANDIDATES, this is a “must-event” for you. It’s the annual time to check in with your Candidacy Committee.

PASTORS and CAMPUS PASTORS, if you know of someone who has expressed interest, or may be interested in becoming a pastor or deacon, please get that person to the Vocations Conference! It is seldom too early for an inquirer to get to know the Candidacy Committee and the ELCA Candidacy process.


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