Blessings in a Cup

//Blessings in a Cup

“Got a case of the Mondays?” For a lot of people, Mondays can seem like the worst day of the week. Waking up earlier and getting back into a routine at work or school can feel all but impossible- it’s hard to end a weekend! But, for the past two years, members of Christ Lutheran Church in Roanoke have worked to make at least one Monday a month a little brighter for commuters in their neighborhood.

On the first Monday of the month, from 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM, Christ Lutheran members as well as Pastor David Skole and Pastor Cynthia Keyser share a hot cup of coffee and a prayer to start the week with those who drive or walk by the building. Members stretch down the intersection of Brandon and Grandin, armed with ten dozen warm Krispy Kreme donuts, ten gallons of piping hot cups of coffee, and wide smiles to start the day off right.

“You would not believe the sorts of looks we got when we first started this,” Cary Mangus, a member of Christ Lutheran, laughed. Area commuters and students on their way to nearby Patrick Henry High School did not expect kindness in a cup of coffee at first. But it has not taken long for these commuters to catch on.

As members from Christ walk up and down the intersection sharing their morning well wishes, many commuters wave or give thumbs up in response. Even if they didn’t take a cup of coffee or donut, the love is received in full. “People really seem to look forward to this now,” Joyce Noell, a member of Christ Lutheran explained, “it’s a fun way to start the day.” Rain or shine, and sometimes even snow, Christ Lutheran’s coffee and prayer are always ready to be shared.

Throughout the hour they serve, members of Christ aren’t simply sharing a morning treat but encouragements for commuters’ Monday. “Have a great day, God bless!” is a common refrain from the members of Christ with every coffee and donut they deliver. Returns of “Thank you!” and “You made my morning!” often cheer over the sound of traffic. In all these interactions there is a warmth felt not because of a hot drink, but thanks to a moment of thoughtfulness and thanks shared between Christ Lutheran and the community they serve.

There’s no better way to witness the community surrounding Christ Lutheran than by the morning traffic of city buses, trucks, taxies, and cars of every size. It only takes a moment to share a blessing and God’s love on these mornings. The hope is that the time spent on these Mondays can ripple out and continue to make a positive difference in the life of the Roanoke community as well as for members of Christ Lutheran.

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