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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Pastoral Video Message from Bishop Humphrey March 31, 2020
A Pastoral Letter on Celebrating Holy Communion During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Pastoral Video Message from Bishop Humphrey March 18, 2020

Online Worship Experiences and Liturgies

There are several online worship experiences and liturgies happening all around the Virginia Synod. Below we’ve collected a list of worship opportunities and included where you can participate with a worship experience, and what time these experiences are being held if they are live-streamed. If you would like your congregation online worship experience shared in this listing, please contact Emily Pilat at pilat@vasynod.org. We will be regularly updating this list as needed.

Online Worship Opportunities

Information on Liturgical Practices

Generosity Matters March 2020

Generosity Matters is a set of web-based financial and stewardship emphasis originally developed for use in congregations by the Virginia Synod, Pastor David Derrick and St. Philip Lutheran Church. The updated version has been modified for use by congregations to talk about stewardship in our world which has been reshaped by COVID-19.  Download the “Start Here” document to get an overview of the resources that are available: Start Here for Generosity Matters March 2020 Update

The spread of the COVID-19 virus is impacting all communities, changing established patterns of life, and creating anxiety.

As we engage in ministry with congregants and the community, it is helpful to remain calm and to get your information from trusted sources like the Virginia Department of Health Coronavirus Update Page and/or the CDC.  It is also important to remind folks that concerns about coronavirus should focus on public health and safety and NOT be used as an excuse for anti-Asian-American racism or xenophobia. We urge you to speak out against this kind of hate.

While the need for physical distancing is difficult, it is a critical step in caring for ourselves and for our neighbors.

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