A day to remember Charlottesville: September 12th

//A day to remember Charlottesville: September 12th

Charlottesville. It is the name of a city with a long and rich history, and an area of beauty and peace. That has changed, however. On a Saturday in August rally and protest turned into hatred, violence, and loss of life. As people of faith, we lament of “what should not be.” The name Charlottesville is changed in our consciousness just as other cities affected by hatred: Charleston. Ferguson. Columbine. Orlando.

September 12 will mark one month since the Charlottesville events. TAPESTRY is inviting Virginia Synod Lutherans to take time in prayer to remember and observe the day, renouncing sin of racism and the forces of it that defy and rebel from God (ELW baptismal liturgy), and asking for Christ to heal wounds and “make all things new.” We offer this as an aid for corporate prayer in our congregations and also for private prayer for families and individual use. While we encourage the use of this liturgy on September 12, marking the one-month anniversary of #Charlottesville, we invite you to discern other appropriate times for its use as well.

Attribution to authors and copyright holders is indicated. Special thank you to Lenny Duncan for giving us permission to use and edit his writing for this liturgy.

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Charlottesville Prayer Vigil

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