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Listen, God is Calling! OK, but for what? how? when? where? All of these are questions that come up as we all discern God’s call in our lives. If you feel God might just maybe, perhaps be calling you to be a pastor or deacon in the church, you are invited to the Virginia Synod Vocations Conference, where we will talk about “How to Become a Pastor or Deacon.” You’ll hear about the basic Candidacy Process (which is how you become a pastor or deacon!), meet others who are also discerning God’s call, and meet the Virginia Synod Candidacy Committee (who will walk this journey with you). Pastor Jason Darty will lead us in the practice of Spiritual Direction.  You’ll have time to ask questions and to learn new questions that you hadn’t even considered before!  

The Vocations Conference is Friday, August 16, 1pm – Saturday, August 17, 12pm at Eagle Eyrie Conference Center near Lynchburg.  Although Candidacy Committee members will meet Thursday, August 16 at 12:00 pm., the Vocations Conference does not begin until Friday.

Register for the Vocations Conference Today

Cost for the Vocations Conference:

  • Candidates, pastors, and Candidacy Committee members: the Virginia Synod will be cover double-occupancy lodging accommodations 
  • Inquirers (those not yet officially Entranced into Candidacy): $75 [Congregations are encouraged to cover this cost of their Inquirers.]
  • Guests/Spouses of Candidates or Inquirers: $75
  • If you prefer to have a single-occupancy room, please note that at registration; you will be responsible to pay an additional $25 for a single-occupancy room. 
  • Friday lunch and dinner and Saturday breakfast will be provided at Eagle Eyrie, and the Conference will end before lunch on Saturday.