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Today’s world is sound-saturated. We are inundated every day with words from social media, newsfeeds, co-workers, politicians, and others. Other sounds accompany these–cries of lament in violence weary communities, bomb blasts in war-torn geographies, shouts of protest and calls for justice.

How do leaders embody the music of Gospel spheres as they preach, pray, and teach in the midst of this cacophony? When it seems that Wisdom is silent or unrecognizable, how do we discern God’s voice and invite others to join us in seeking to share God’s love and mercy in the face of broken hearts and bodies, cities and churches?

This study explores “sound” biblical leadership practices for such a time as this. Topics and subtopics for the study include:

“For Such a Time as This”: Esther as Courageous Leader
“Home by Another Way”: The Magi as Wise Leaders
“At Water’s Edge”: Miriam as Dancing Leader
“Held and Holding On”: Jacob as Transformed Leader
“Cliffhangers and Bridge Builders”: Jesus as Fearless Leader

Together we will explore these ancient stories, leaning in to hear in them sound theologies and practices for leadership today.

Participants will have opportunities to consider practical strategies for personal spiritual and leadership formation and brainstorm in dialogue with each other about healthy leadership practices for their contexts and communities.

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