God’s Work, Our Hands (and hats)

//God’s Work, Our Hands (and hats)

On Sunday, April 15, 2018, as the members of Trinity Lutheran Church were leaving the church service and going into the Parish Hall they were each handed a “Yellow Trinity” hat in support of their Pastor – the Rev. Cameron Keyser who is suffering from lung cancer.

Pastor Cam, as he is affectionately known, has been the Pastor of Trinity for over 8 years. In October 2017 he was admitted to Valley Hospital for shortness of breath and rapid heartbeat. It took several months and doctors before he received the cancer diagnosis and began a clinical trial at UVA. This trial employs the protocol making the news lately, using a combination of chemotherapy and immuno-therapy.

One of his fears was “losing his hair”, he threatened to buy a cap with a wig attached as a joke. That’s when the idea was hatched to get Pastor Cam, his wife Ronda and the congregation Yellow Hats (to match the yellow God’s Work, Our Hands t-shirts they wear at events) to support Pastor Cam until he returns to Trinity.

A yellow Trinity hat is on the welcoming table in the lobby of the church where Pastor Cam welcomed the Trinity members each Sunday as a symbol of his presence until he returns.


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