Letter of Thanks from Bishop Mauney to the Virginia Synod for Retirement Gift

//Letter of Thanks from Bishop Mauney to the Virginia Synod for Retirement Gift

Dear sisters and brothers at the Virginia Synod,

Lynda and I would like to thank you all for the gracious gifts of appreciation that were sent in for my retirement. It may be that you were most appreciative that I was retiring! But I choose to believe there was an appreciation for service rendered. Although the ‘flat’ version of Jim going about the synod was quickly known by me, I was completely taken by surprise at the synod assembly banquet by news of a love gift that also had been shared by so many of you with us!

 Please know that for Lynda and me, it has been a holy privilege to serve with you in the gospel of Jesus Christ over these past 29 years in the work of the Synod. We are a close Synod! We do many things in a collaborative way and maintain always a strong partnership. Our congregations and our roster of ministers appreciate and give thanks for one another. We speak well of one another and for the ministry that we know we do together for the sake of the Gospel. Our congregations and our institutions each have a unique and wonderful history of faith.

 It has been a privilege to be with you and to hear your stories of faith. It has been a privilege to walk with you in the work of the Gospel.

 I give thanks now for the election of the Reverend Robert F. Humphrey as our bishop-elect for the Virginia Synod. Pastor Humphrey is an excellent preacher, teacher, and pastoral presence! He will surely lead this synod with faith, love, and vision. I have a great admiration for his pastoral gifts. I ask you to join me in praying for Barbra and Bob for the coming six years of service as our bishop.

 Yours in Christ,

The Rev. James F. Mauney

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