Micah Street Church: A Community of Hope is Born

//Micah Street Church: A Community of Hope is Born

In 2005, Lutheran, Methodist, Catholic, Presbyterian, Baptist and Episcopal congregations in downtown Fredericksburg came together to form Micah Ecumenical Ministries to support individuals experiencing homelessness. The organization provides day services, organizes winter shelter, assists with re-housing, and provides employment support.

As the churches have worked together through Micah and supported the needs of this extremely marginalized group, they have aspired not simply to meet physical needs, but to help those on the margins to experience the fullness of God’s Kingdom. This led to a decision to explore how a worshipping community, grounded in a covenant of belonging, participation, meeting each other’s needs and engaging in meaningful relationship, would entice people across socioeconomic boundaries to show up to one another and offer the desperately needed accompaniment on the journey.

In January 2020, this dream of a new worshipping community officially became a Synod Authorized Worshipping Community of the Virginia Synod called the Micah Street Church: A Community of Hope. With the Virginia Synod, the ELCA Churchwide Organization, and Christ Lutheran, Fredericksburg helped with the initial funding and organization, this new worshipping community is an ecumenical partnership and is being developed by an Episcopal priest.

While COVID-19 has made the development on the congregation more complicated, the Micah Street Church worships weekly, is launching a Bible Study group, and continues to walk with this community. As a Synod, we are thrilled to help develop this new congregation, the first new Lutheran congregation in Virginia in nearly a decade.

You can learn more about Micah Ecumenical Ministries and the Micah Street Church at: www.facebook.com/micahfredericksburg

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