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Church Together for the Sake of the World

With the pandemic impacting millions of people around the world, it would be easy to allow ourselves to be drawn further and further into isolation.

As followers of Jesus, however, we know that we are not isolated. As followers of Jesus, we know that we are called to see the stranger and the disenfranchised, the hungry and the hurting, the prisoner and the outcast as neighbors and fellow members of the body of Christ. As followers of Jesus, we know that we are called to use our gifts for the building up of the whole community. We are the church, not simply for ourselves, but for the sake of the world.

Now is the time for us to lift up our eyes and see the opportunities that are before us to be God’s heart and hands in a hurting world. Now is the time to open our hearts, to lift up our voices, and to share our gifts and be the church together for the sake of the world.

The tabs below provide resources to help you participate in our Synod Church Together for the Sake of the World Projects and to assist you in developing a project in your community. For questions about how you can get involved, contact Pastor John Wertz, Jr at: wertz@vasynod.org. Thank you for sharing your gifts to proclaim God’s love to the world!

Virginia Synod Daily Bread Matching Grants


  • Applicants must be ministries affiliated with the Virginia Synod (ELCA).
  • Participating congregations must be able to use funds for the purpose of alleviating hunger in their community.
  • Ministries that discriminate among guests and neighbors, or require participation in faith-related activities as a prerequisite for services are not eligible.

What You Will Need to Apply

  • Your congregation’s contact information.
  • A description of your congregation’s feeding ministry.
  • Applications must be submitted by a member of your congregation’s leadership, or with full approval from your congregation’s leadership.
Apply for Matching Grants (Open June 8)

WiFi for Minnick Students

Walking together with your community can be a wonderful way to respond to God’s love for you and to witness to God’s love for the world.  The resources below are intended to help your congregation work with local partners to identify needs, to match those needs with gifts and assets in the congregation and congregational networks, and then provide help that is helpful. Together we can be the church for the sake of the world.

As followers of Jesus, we not only have the opportunity to respond to immediate needs in our world, but we also have the opportunity to align our voices to promote justice and equity in the world. Below you will find links to advocacy resources to support change in Virginia and across the US.