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“Roots & Wings” is a ministry of the Virginia Synod for families of children from birth through grade 5. Like our Facebook Page.

Four Keys: For Faithful Living

Nurturing Faith is a weekly bulletin that is usually sent out on Wednesday of each week.  To be added to this mailing just email pilat@vasynod.org and include your first and last name.

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Sharing the Faith is our monthly newsletter full of ideas for that month.  To be added to this email mailing email pilat@vasynod.org and include your first name and address you would like to receive it.  This mailing is usually mailed out around the 20th of each month and is great to be included in church newsletters too!

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Our Mission:

Through the baptized community, enable children (birth to grade 5) to discover and claim their vocation as Ambassador’s In Christ.

Our Goals:

I. That each child will have deep sense that, “I am a baptized child of God.”

II. Move From:
Institution-centered-family/home supported only
Family/home-centered-Institution-support partnership

III. Parents and care givers will know the faith and understand that they are
the primary faith sharers for their child.

  • Helping parents to articulate their faith to their children:
    • Being comfortable to articulate in their home/neighborhood;
    • Living and sharing faith at home (one on one);
    • Breaking the faith out of the Sunday morning niche and making it work at home for the week.
  • “Whatever happens at Church” (worship, preaching, Sunday School, small groups, etc.) begins the conversation or sets the tone for the week, in the home, community and daily life.

IV. All congregations of the Virginia Synod will actively equip children to be
Ambassadors for Christ.

  • Congregations have active conversation on how the children are baptized members, integral to the whole life of the congregation (worship, service, hospitality, evangelism, etc.)
  • Congregations who equip people to live into their baptism:
    • Every congregation have pre-baptismal instruction (4 to 6 weeks) – confirmation renewal for parents.
    • Sponsors and mentors part of on-going ministry
  • Premarital Counseling and Instruction – children born into faith community-healthy foundation before conception – baptism, praying together, dealing with conflicts.
  • Healthy children will have healthy parents – “a Healthy Family System’s Model.”

V. As baptized children of God, will see themselves “sent as Ambassadors for Christ.”