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Virginia Synod Week of Service During Sept 6-13, 2015

During Sept.6-13, 2015, the Virginia Synod and the Virginia Lutheran Partners in Mission encourage congregations to participate in a service project during the Week of Service.  Our Virginia Week of Service with take place between Labor Day and the ELCA’s “God’s Work, Our Hands” Sunday on September , 13 2015.

For more information on “God’s Work, Our Hands” Sunday, you can go to: www.elca.org/dayofservice

Planning and Publicity

Suggested Projects in cooperation with our Virginia Lutheran Partners in Mission

1) National Lutheran Communities and Services

2) Lutheran Family Services of Virginia Day of Service Projects

    • supply kits projects for the Minnick Schools in Danville, Harrisonburg, Lynchburg and Roanoke
    • building planters and decorating in Bedford and a Sensor Kit project for the program in Winchester.
    • Here is a complete list of projects for download.
    • Please contact Mary Lou Blevins, 540.774.7100 ext. 1037 or email: mblevins@lfsva.org for more information.

3) Caroline Furnace Lutheran Camp:

4) Hungry Mother Lutheran Camp: For more information on projects contact Mike Mucha at: hmlrc@hungrymother.org.


Suggested Local Community Projects

      • Ramp Building
      • Health Kits: Health kits can be assembled for local, national and international ministries. If you are interested in providing health kits locally, contact groups in your area like like homeless shelters, domestic abuse shelters and family shelters who often use kits for new arrivals. If you are interested in sending kits nationally or internationally, you can find information on the Lutheran World Relief Quilts and Kits page.
      • Health Kits for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Malawi Feeding Centers in partnership with St. Philip Lutheran Church in Roanoke
      • Sewing Projects
      • Blood Drives
      • Take cookies or a meal to local first responders. If you are delivering cookies to first responders, here is a sample “Thank You” note could be included with the cookies: Note for Cookies to First Responders
      • Helping at Women’s Shelters
      • Collect food for a local food pantry
      • Yard Work for the Elderly
      • Repair Work at Group Homes
      • Health Fairs
      • Community Prayer Walk

Share the Good News!

When your congregation finishes the Day of Service, please email fuller@vasynod.org the information requested below with the subject line “Week Of Service Info” , so we can celebrate all that was accomplished across the Synod. Emailing pictures to fuller@vasynod.org imply permission to use photos in Virginia Synod publications, social media, and on vasynod.org. 

  1. Please list your project(s)
  2. How many people participated?
  3. How many people were helped?
  4. Share one wonderful story from the day.
  5. Share up to five pictures from the day.
  6. What is the email address of a good person to contact with information about the 2015 “In the Name of Love: Day of Service and Sharing God’s Love”?