New Chapel at The Legacy

//New Chapel at The Legacy

At the Legacy at North Augusta, in Staunton–A National Lutheran Community, one special thing was missing from the campus, a Chapel. Having a Chapel was on the wish list of Executive Director Cherie Powers and this March her wish came true.

The Chapel at The Legacy is a wonderful combination of vision, prayer, grateful donors and in-kind gifts of all sizes. As well as celebrating and remembering a few churches who made gifts-in-kind as they reached the end of their ministry.

It started when Evan Davis brought the missile from Melanchthon Chapel to The Legacy. That led to a conversation with the Trustees at Melanchthon Chapel who made a gift in kind of their beautiful altar, lectern, and other chancel items. It allowed The Legacy to honor all the weddings, confirmations, baptisms, deaths and other Holy moments with that same altar in a new Lutheran setting.

A beautiful quilted wall hanging was hand-crafted and hangs behind the altar from artist Norma Frederickson, a member at Grace Lutheran in Winchester, VA. The wall hanging was commissioned by Chaplain Bill Boldin, at The Village at Orchard Ridge, The Legacy’s sister community, and Pastor George Sims who was the Director of Philanthropy at the time.

The Legacy’s Chaplain, Carl Trost, contacted Linda Youngblood to make liturgical banners and through his conversations discovered she was a direct descendant of Sarah Utermehle. Sarah was National Lutheran’s benefactor, who over 128 years ago donated land to create The Lutheran Home for the Aged, which is now National Lutheran Communities & Services, The Legacy’s parent organization.

Pastor John Wertz, Director of Evangelical Mission and Assistant to the Bishop as well as a board member at The Legacy, walked with and began a conversation with the Council and Trustees at Redeemer Lutheran as their ministry ended. Redeemer made a gift in kind of their baptismal font, a paschal candle, and several other items. These also allow The Legacy to honor a rich Lutheran heritage.

Finally, Pastor Rod Ronneberg, another board member to The Legacy, together with the congregation stewarded the donation of a brass processional cross from St. Peter’s in Churchville.

Among all this activity, the Spirit was at work touching the hearts of many who made donations that allowed for the remodeling of the space that became The Legacy’s new Chapel.

On Tuesday, March 12, 2019, The Legacy held a dedication of the Chapel led by Bishop Humphrey presiding, with Chaplain Carl Trost and Pastor Rod Ronneberg preaching. There were sixty people in attendance, some donors, joyful residents along with many rostered leaders from the Southern Valley Conference of the Virginia Synod.

The Legacy is blessed to have a new worship space to be shared among all God’s people at The Legacy and throughout the community.

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