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Publication Submission Guidelines

The Virginia Synod welcomes stories and photographs of ministry to share with its audience. Stories and accompanying photos are accepted for the Weekly Update (which is sent out each Tuesday), the monthly Virginia Synod Lutheran, and the website (www.vasynod.org). As a service to our congregational job opportunities notices may also be submitted for posting in the Weekly Update. See the details below for more information on Virginia Synod publications and how you can submit your content for publication consideration.

The Weekly Update:

The Weekly Update is a publication of the Virginia Synod sent by e-mail to Rostered Ministers and lay subscribers.

Send announcement submissions to the director of communications at pilat@vasynod.org by Monday at noon to be included in that week’s edition of the Weekly Update. Any announcement submissions submitted after Monday at noon that meet the event/announcement submission guidelines listed below will be included in the Weekly Update in the following week’s edition of the Weekly Update. All submissions should include the name and e-mail of the contact person. Please put the words “For Weekly Update:” in your subject line.

Story Submissions:

Submissions should be sent in the form of a Word document and include photos as separate attachments whenever possible (for more information on photo submissions, review the Photo Submission section). Each story submission should include a contact person’s name and e-mail address. Priority will be given to articles that include accompanying photos. The director of communications in collaboration with the editor of the Virginia Lutheran and/or the synod bishop will make the final determination of what will be included in any Virginia Synod publications.

Write the who, what, when, and where of the story. Write about the personality and personal characteristics and attitudes of the people in the story. Write about the social, geographical, educational, or political issues related to the story. Tell us how this person/situation has touched the heart of the community or a congregation. The preferred length for articles is 300-800 words.

Send your story to the director of communications at pilat@vasynod.org. If further information about your story is needed, or editorial requirements need to be addressed, the director of communications will contact you.

Photo Submissions:

Photos should be submitted in digital JPEG or PNG format and have at least 72 dpi (dots per inch) for web publications. Clearly name the JPEG/PNG files. In addition, photos should not violate copyright laws and be used only with permission of the subject. If you are unsure of what is required or how files should be submitted please contact the director of communications at pilat@vasynod.org

Event/Announcement Submissions:

Event announcements may be submitted to the director of communication by event representatives of the following: the ELCA, committees or tasks forces of the Virginia Synod, Virginia Synod congregations, Virginia Synod Rostered Leaders, ELCA affiliated organizations or mission partners of the Virginia Synod.

Announcements that are submitted by sources other than those previously listed may not be included in Virginia Synod publications, however, the director of communications and/or the synod bishop will make the final determination of what will be included.

Event details should be sent at least four weeks prior to the event, if possible. Event announcements will be posted on a rolling basis in the Weekly Update. Posting of events in the Weekly Update will conclude either when the event’s registration deadline has passed, or in the event that event registration is not required, the event has occured. If the event is sponsored by the Virginia Synod, the event will also be included on the synod website in the events calendar section. Other events will be added to the calendar of events on the website at the discretion of the director of communications.

All announcements should include the name of the sponsoring group or congregation, city, a contact person with contact information, and a Web site address, if available.

Please put the words “For Weekly Update:” in the subject line and send the following information in the email:

  • Event Name
  • Sponsoring Group
  • Date & Location
  • Cost (if applicable)
  • Registration Deadline (if applicable)
  • A two- to three-sentence “teaser” giving the who, what, when, where and why of the event or article. In other words, this short blub should entice the reader to click for more information. These appear in our e-news.
  • A brochure/registration form (if you have one) in one of the following formats:
    • PDFs are preferred, Word documents are acceptable
    • A photograph or logo, if desired. Please submit separately in JPEG/PNG format.
  • A link to information about the event on your website.
  • Any additional information and link to more information/contact person

Job Opportunities:

As a service to our congregations and mission partners, notices about “career opportunities” will be published as part of the Weekly Update. The notice should be submitted to the director of communications, at pilat@vasynod.org as a Word document and include a contact person’s name and email address. Notices will be published for one month unless an extension is requested. Please notify the director of communications when the position is filled.

Discouraged submissions:

The following submissions will not be included in Virginia Synod publications:

  • Congregational fundraising announcements
  • Donation requests
These guidelines may be amended by the bishop’s staff and director of communications as needed.

Emily Pilat

Director of Communications
P.O. Box 70
Salem, VA 24153