Prayers for the Virginia Synod from ELCPNG

///Prayers for the Virginia Synod from ELCPNG

Pastor Kelly Bayer Derrick reached out to our sisters, brothers, and siblings in Christ in Papua New
Guinea to let them know that we are praying for them in the midst of the COVID19 pandemic. Bishop
Jack Urame of the ELCPNG and Pastor Tobby Eleasar of the New Guinea Islands District (Virginia’s
companion synod) responded with their prayers for us, in our “solidarity as community of believers.”
PNG has its first confirmed case of COVID19; please keep them in your prayers.

Dear Rev. Kelly,
Thank you so much for your mail with the information on the coronavirus which is increasingly
becoming a global threat. We are following up with the news of the spread and realize that US is
increasingly being affected as the virus spreads rapidly.
We are sorry to hear of the deaths and those infected as well as those affected. We pray that the Lord
will comfort those individuals and families affected.
Up to now there is no case in PNG yet. We thank God that we are not so much affected as other parts of
the world but we know once the virus land on our soil it will spread very quickly.
Our health authorities are doing awareness for prevention and on basic methods to keep safe. Our
government is also preparing when the disaster strikes our country. The churches are also engaged in
giving our information to the communities and the congregations.
Our solidarity as community of believers remains strong in the love of God as we pray for his peace in
the midst of crisis and suffering.
Bishop Jack Urame

Dear Ps Kelly,
Thank you for updating us on the situation in Virginia. Thank you for your prayers for us. You are also all
in our prayers. We are closely keeping up with the news of the Coronavirus as it continues to
spread, and the disastrous effect it is having on lives and the economy.
We have a confirmed case in PNG already as announced by our Health Minister yesterday. The person
had entered Port Moresby from Singapore.  The person is in Lae now and is in the hands of the health
authorities. The authorities are trying to find those who had contact with him since he arrived.
It is times like this which brings us more closely together. We unite in our faith and in our prayers and
our concerns for one another’s safety. We are with you and the rest of the world as we stand today to
fight against this global threat.
Remember as David stood against Goliath, he had one thing the giant did not have. He had faith

knowing God was on his side and he was going to win.  The Lord our God is with us so let us fearless
meet the enemy as it advances. Please pass my message to all our brothers and
sisters in Virginia and Bishop Humphrey. We will continue in our prayers for you and the rest of the
Please inform me of any changes to the Youth Camp so we can know. May God grant you peace and
help you in your leadership at this time.
God bless you and keep you.
Pastor Tobby Eleaser

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