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Rostered Minister Sexual Misconduct

The Virginia Synod will not tolerate sexual misconduct by a rostered minister (pastor or deacon). Anyone who knows or suspects that a rostered minister in the Virginia Synod may have been involved in sexual misconduct should report that knowledge or suspicion to the bishop or an assistant to the bishop.

The Rev. Robert F. Humphrey
The Rev. Robert F. HumphreySynodical Bishop
The Rev. Kelly Bayer Derrick
The Rev. Kelly Bayer DerrickAssistant to the Bishop

If for any reason you are uncomfortable contacting the bishop or assistant to the bishop and would prefer to report to someone else, you may contact one of the people appointed by Synod Council to receive reports of sexual misconduct.

Judy Casteele
Judy CasteeleMember of the Virginia Synod Council
Executive Director of Project Horizion

P.O. Box 70
Salem, VA 24153

Blythe Ann Scott
Blythe Ann ScottSecretary of the Virginia Synod Council

P.O. Box 70
Salem, VA 24153

Reporting Child Abuse

Virginia law requires that suspicion of child abuse or neglect be reported immediately to the Virginia Department of Social Services:

The Virginia Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline is 1-800-552-7096