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Annual Reports

The Parochial Report (Forms A and C) is made available in early January and is expected to be completed on an annual basis by February 15 by visiting www.elca.org/congregationreport. The Parochial Report, while perhaps a tedious task to complete, nonetheless plays an important part in connecting your congregation with the mission and ministry of the whole Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. If you are unable to file electronically, you may complete the below paper forms and return them to your synod office by February 15, 2020.

The Parochial Report is:

  • One way the churchwide organization has of getting the big picture of ministry happening across the ELCA.
  • One way to measure congregational health over a long period of time, using similar measures of health among all ELCA congregations.
  • One record of your congregation’s history that is publicly accessible to the church at large (through the ELCA website and synodical records).
  • Providing the synodical and churchwide organizations with the necessary information to better meet your congregation’s needs and the needs of other congregations.

The Annual Report to the Synod Bishop is also due on an annual basis in February and is to be completed online. This year, the ELCA Report to the Bishop and the Ministerium Covenant Reflection have been combined into one form.

Regardless of your roster status (Pastor, Deacon, Under Call, Retired, On Leave from Call), you can use this form to share your thoughts and reflections with Bishop Humphrey.  As you move through the form, you should receive questions tailored for your roster status.  You will see that some questions have been combined, some questions have been removed, and that more in-depth questions on continuing education have been added.  Once you complete this form and Form A/Form C for Churchwide, then your annual reports will be complete.

If you have any questions about using the new form, please contact Lenae Osmondson at osmondson@vasynod.org.


Deacons are theologically educated, called leaders that serve on the roster of “Word and Service”. They serve in congregations and other ministries of the ELCA, including family ministries, youth, administration, volunteer ministry, social services, music or parish nursing. Deacons connect the church with the needs of the world and work to equip others to lead a living, active and caring Christian life. To learn more about Deacons and their role within the church, click on the link below.

Request for Rostered Status Change

Roster status categories can be: Under Call, On Leave from Call, Retired, or Disability. If you plan to change your roster status from one category to another, it is your responsibility to request such a change from the Virginia Synod Office of the Bishop.

If you plan to retire, you must request a roster change to the Retired Roster. If you plan to go on leave from call for one year or to renew your on leave from call status for an additional year, you must request a roster change or renewal to the On Leave from Call Roster. If you have a medical diagnosis which necessitates a change to the Disability Roster, you should request a change to the Disability Roster.

Again, changes in roster status are the responsibility of the rostered ministers and must be requested by the rostered minister from the Office of the Bishop. Such requests are subject to the approval of the Virginia Synod Council. To facilitate this responsibility, letters can be found in the links below.