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Virginia Synod Fund for Mission

Investing in New Opportunities to Share God’s Love

Wanting to generate and encourage a synod of missional activity, the Synod Council has set aside the funds from the sale of a former church property in Virginia Beach and the funds from the sale of property in Chesterfield to be used to create an ongoing source of mission grants for new expressions of ministry. A new expression of ministry could look like:  a new worship location, a new worship style, a new feeding ministry, a new after school program, or a community faith formation event.   A new expression of ministry will involve sharing the gospel outside the walls and boundaries of existing congregations. A new expression of ministry would not typically include items like facility repairs or other activities which would in effect reach only current members of our congregations. The intent is for new neighborhoods, new communities, and new people to have access to the gospel through these grants.

Congregation should use the following criteria when applying for a grant:

  • Congregations may apply for grants that will fund a new expression of ministry that shares the gospel outside the walls and boundaries of the existing congregation.
  • The Virginia Synod Fund for Mission will distribute up to a total of $30,000 during the 2019 grant cycle.
  • Congregations may request Mission Grants ranging in size from $500 to $30,000.

Timeline for Applications

February through March: Congregations make contact with Pastor John Wertz, Jr., Director for Evangelical Mission (wertz@vasynod.org) to discuss potential grant ideas

April through July:  Work with Director for Evangelical Mission and/or other Synod staff to further develop proposal

June: Presentations to be made at Synod Assembly on previously awarded grants.

August 1:  Final version of proposals submitted to the Pastor John Wertz, Jr.

August:  Grant proposals reviewed by the Virginia Synod Mission Table

September: At the September Synod Council meeting, the Synod Council receives proposals and selects grant recipients.

October: All grant applicants are notified about funding status.

November to January: Grants funding provided to recipients.

Grant Application
Grant Reporting Form

Trinity Ecumenical Parish will receive $5,000 to support the development of an intentional caring
community in specific geographic locations in the community.

College Lutheran, Salem will receive $1,500 to support the expansion of a student food pantry.

Peace Lutheran, Charlottesville will receive $7,000 to support ‘Building Peace’ which will build
connections with the neighborhoods around the congregation.

Our Saviour, Warrenton will receive $6,500 to create a volunteer management ministry to help connect
serve the greater community and create opportunities to share the story of Jesus through service in the

PALS (Presbyterian and Lutheran Services) Church, Bealton will receive $10,000 to help create an
ecumenical, not-for-profit coffee shop to provide a welcoming environment to promote community and
share God’s love.

Resurrection, Fredericksburg: Worship Livestreaming

With the support of a Virginia Synod Fund for Mission Grant, Resurrection Lutheran Church is creating a new worship live-stream to reach those who are not able to or chose not to attend worship in person.

Good Shepherd, Orange: English as a Second Language Ministry

With the support of a Virginia Synod Fund for Mission grant, Good Shepherd, Orange is helping individuals who are interested in learning to speak English.

For more information contact:

Pastor John Wertz Jr.

Director for Evangelical MissionAssistant to the Bishop
Virginia Synod, ELCA