St. Mark, Yorktown “Pew to 5k”

//St. Mark, Yorktown “Pew to 5k”

How happy are the feet…

Members of St. Mark Lutheran in Yorktown led by their pastor, The Rev. Rachel Manke, participated in a “Pew to 5K” program this fall. The group began a training schedule 6 weeks earlier in September that included an increasing number of minutes walking or jogging together. Every week had a prayer focus for participants to pray around before beginning their training. Prayers were for various aspects of the community and the world.

The goal was to enjoy fellowship, be good stewards of healthy bodies, and to manage to walk or jog a full 5K (3.2) course. The “All Saints 5K” took place on the morning of November 2nd in historic Yorktown Village. Thrivent sponsored the event, providing t-shirts, refreshments, and funds to provide each finisher with a special finisher medal. Young and old came out to walk or help and the weather was gorgeous!

Ray Farr, one of the participants, said, “I believe this is the first annual…” implying a desire that this be an annual event. Participants enthusiastically wore their medals (containing an All Saints icon on each) to worship the next morning over their Thrivent t-shirts or choir robes. What fun!

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