A statement following the Las Vegas Massacre

//A statement following the Las Vegas Massacre

O Lord, how long shall I cry…to you “Violence!” (Habakkuk 1:2)

Oh Lord… How many senseless acts of cold, calculated murder followed by unimaginable panic, fear and deep, deep grief must your people and world endure?

As we lift our prayers for all affected by the latest examples of horrific violence commanding our attention and headlines, may we remember that such terrible news comes to parents, spouses, and children of hundreds every day around the world – all victims of greed, jealousy, hatred, bigotry, fear and many other expressions of the sin so deeply embedded in us all.
In the days ahead, let us not only pray for those in Las Vegas and around the world who are suffering, but let us also respond to the grieving and reach out to those who now recall if not relive the horror of other events, such as Charlottesville, the Virginia Tech massacre or their own experiences of combat, domestic violence, or abuse. May we also pursue strategies to prevent, or at least limit, such violence in the future.
—Bishop Bob Humphrey
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