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Synod Assembly Nominations

Why Do You Serve on Synod Council?

During our Synod Council meeting in January we asked several members of our Synod Council to share why they serve on Synod Council, and the important role the Synod Council serves for our synod! To watch the video, click here. This year we will have several elections for roles on Synod Council. If you are interested in serving our Synod in this way please complete the Synod Council nomination form below. If you have any questions contact the Synod Office by calling 540-389-1000.

Nominations for Synod Council

Synod Vice President
Four-year term ending in 2023

Synod Secretary
Four-year term ending in 2023

Disciplinary Committee Class of 2025 (6-year term)

  • 2 Lay members 1 male 1 female
  • 2 Clergy 1 male 1 female

Synod Council

Unless otherwise noted, all Synod Council terms are 3 years. Members may be elected to a second consecutive term. Synod Council elections reflect the new Conference Partnerships approved by Synod Council in January 2019. The goal is to have a lay person and a clergy person from each of these five Conference Partnerships:

  • Coastal (Tidewater & Peninsulas Conferences)
  • Piedmont (Richmond & Germanna Conferences)
  • Valley (Northern Valley, Central Valley, & Page Conferences)
  • Blue Ridge (Southern Valley & Southern Conferences)
  • Appalachia (New River & Highlands Conferences)

Synod Council also approved in January the addition to Synod Council of 2 new members who are persons of color and/or whose primary language is other than English. One of those members will be a layperson, and one will be either a layperson or a clergy person.

Class of 2022 – 4 lay members (any gender) to be elected, from the following Partnerships:

  • Coastal
  • Valley
  • Appalachia

Persons of color and/or whose primary language is other than English – 2 members

  • 1 lay person
  • 1 layperson or clergy person

Youth – 1 member

  • 1-year term, expires June 2020

Synod Vice President Nominees

Synod Secretary Nominees

Synod Council Class of 2021 Nominees

Synod Council Class of 2022 Nominees

Persons of color and/or whose primary language is other than English Nominees

Youth Nominees