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Synod Assembly 2020-01-10T10:04:54-05:00

Faithful + Bold + Serving

Save the Date: June 12-13, 2020

We have boldness and confident access to God by way of Christ’s faithfulness. (Ephesians 2.12 NET)

Key Synod Assembly Information

  • Bulletin of Reports
  • General Arrangements (aka everything you need to know about Synod Assembly)
  • Synod Assembly Guidebook
    • Web Browser Version
  • Synod Assembly Nominations
  • Expectations of a Member of the Synod Council
  • Expectations of a Lay Voting Member
  • Congregational Lay Voting Members
  • Number of voting members to be elected by congregation size

The Rev. Kelly Bayer Derrick
Email: bayerderrick@vasynod.org
Phone: 540-389-1000

Presentations will be linked online the weekend of Assembly

  • Youth Assembly Registration Form
  • Information Sheet for Congregations
  • LYO Board Nomination Form and Nominee Info Sheet
  • LYO Board Pastor and Parent Recommendations