The 7th Annual Week of Service God’s Work, Our Hands

//The 7th Annual Week of Service God’s Work, Our Hands

The Virginia Synod Week of Service coincides with “God’s Work, Our Hands” Sunday, the ELCA Day of Service on September 8, 2019.

We have extended the opportunity to serve to accommodate varying schedules. Last year churches across the entire state of Virginia participated in the Week of Service, and we’re excited to hear about the many ways you serve in your communities.

All congregations are invited to reach out into their neighborhoods to become God’s hands and feet, to serve those in need and to share God’s compassion with the world. The Week of Service is an opportunity for everyone to intentionally invest time in service projects outside the walls of the church. Pick a project and prepare to serve others in the name of God’s love.

Resources for Your Time of Service

There are plenty of resources available to help plan and promote your service, like:

More planning information and storytelling resources can also be found on the ELCA’s site at elca.org/Resources/GWOH-Sunday or from the Virginia Synod, vasynod.org/resources/week-of-service

Tell Your Story

Be sure to tell your story in word and image! Take pictures during your time of service, and write up details that were important to that day to share with your congregation, and with the Synod Office!

To share your story with the Synod, please email Emily Pilat at pilat@vasynod.org no later than September 18th with the subject line “Week Of Service 2019 [Name of Congregation]” and the following information:

  1. Please list your project(s)
  2. Share one wonderful story from the day.
  3. Share up to five pictures from the day.
  4. What is the email address of a good person to contact for follow up information about the 2019 “Virginia Synod Week of Service”?

With this information, we can celebrate all that was accomplished across our Synod! Make sure to also use #VASynodServes on social media so that you can connect with others in our Synod who are participating in the Week of Service.

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