All Things Grow With Love

//All Things Grow With Love

Clocks have been set forward, and spring has officially sprung, which for anyone with a green thumb means it’s gardening season. For those that like to take root as the weather gets warmer small garden plots in the backyard, or helping seasonal bulbs coming into bloom is a great way to have a fun time outside. For Emmanual Lutheran Church in Virginia Beach, a community garden is how they’re connecting to growing this spring, taking root with the plants they’re cultivating.


The project is being helmed by Michael Tate and the Emmanual confirmation class, as an active community project, “Our confirmation groups have done community projects in the past, but these guys needed something a little more active,” and so the garden has taken shape to accommodate the group’s energy.
“This is the first thing this group has done where they’ve bonded, gotten together, and were all on board with the project 100%. They’re passionate about it,” said Tate of the group’s efforts.
A 10 by 10 area in a field next to the church is the space where the garden is taking shape. The small group of confirmands are bonding over the project, and are excited as it’s just getting started. The enthusiasm for what this community plot can do is already spreading, its size not limiting what can grow at Emmanuel.
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