White Sock Drop with Bethel Lutheran of Winchester

//White Sock Drop with Bethel Lutheran of Winchester

In September, Bethel Lutheran of Winchester celebrated “White Sock Drop” Sunday where they collected over 500 pairs of brand new socks. The congregation had been told by friends at Teens Opposing Poverty that each pair is “like diamonds” to homeless brothers and sisters that gather in the parks of Washington D.C.



On Sunday, November 6th a small group of youth from Bethel Lutheran traveled to D.C. and met many new homeless friends, gave out socks, listened to life stories, and encountered Jesus face to face in two D.C. parks.

Molly, one of the youths who participated in this ministry, spoke of her time in D.C. serving the homeless, “At the end of the day, we handed out our last pair of socks to a man.  Seriously, if we had Five Thousand socks we still wouldn’t have had enough.  The man I handed socks to held them like they were diamonds.  He was so thankful.  Seconds later, a woman walked up asking if we had mogave the last pair to gave her the socks we had given him.    We were absolutely amazed.  Jesus was there.”

If you’d like to serve alongside our homeless friends, please connect with www.teensopposingpoverty.org


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